Introducing ePoints!

    ePoints will allow you to add 'points' onto your members profile which can then be used to purchase products.

    You can buy Gift vouchers that can then become ePoints to be spent in the club!

    For example, you can purchase 1000 ePoint worth £10. Then if you purchase a product which costs 100 ePoints this would leave you with 900 ePoints to use going forward.

    You can purchase ePoints through the member app by clicking


    Choose from 1000 to 5000 points and complete the purchase.

    If you forget your wallet while at the club, you can use ePoints to buy a protein bar or an energy drink

      Gift Vouchers

      Give someone you love something they'll love! 

      For mums and dads, sisters and brothers, friends - there's something for everyone at Bodywise.

      We created these gift cards with one thing in mind, a gift that inspires health and fitness.