Hatha Yin Yoga 08:45

with Helen Mercercox

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Hatha Yin is a beautiful holistic approach to yoga that is intended to balance and restore the mind and the body through asanas (postures), pranayama (controlled breathing), meditation and relaxation. Hatha Yoga is the foundation of all modern practices. Hatha is a slow pace and while it is perfect for beginners or those returning to Yoga, advanced students will appreciate the slow pace which creates an environment to open the mind and find a deeper sense of self awareness. All students are encouraged to add their own flavour to a class allowing enough time to explore. The Yin element of the class targets the deepest layers of the body: fascia (connective tissue surrounding organs), ligaments, joints, bones and subtle energy channels to release any tension build-up to create a more refined detox experience. What to expect in a Hatha Yin yoga class Expect a combination of short-held and long-held poses from 1 up to 5 minutes. From more active Hatha postures to entirely passive Yin asanas. Your teacher will guide you how to move into position and find an appropriate edge with the right level of intensity to avoid discomfort or pain. Once in the pose, you will be encouraged to release into the pose, and to remain still and come out of the pose gently and slowly. Benefits of a regular Hatha Yin yoga practice Increases circulation and improves flexibility and joint mobility Releases fascia Calms and balances the mind and body Reduces stress and anxiety Encourages deeper relaxation