FlexMobility 07:30

with Barbara Lofts
Gym Floor

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FlexAbility is an uplifting thirty-minute class, created with the intention to give a gentle start to your day and wake you up! It was designed to do three things:

  1. Improve your flexibility and mobility, to allow you to move more freely and reduce the risk of muscular injuries.
  2. Improve the internal and deep muscles through your stomach and surrounding areas to build strength & stability, as well as to reduce the risk of lower back injuries.
  3. Give a refreshing start to your morning, leaving you feeling energised, stretched and ready for the day ahead.

This class was made to be suitable for all ability levels as all exercises can easily be adapted, but it is particularly recommended for those who have tight muscles, a low range of movement or for those who want to protect their lower backs! The class consists of a warm up, functional movement and core strengthening interspersed with in-depth stretching.